Jake, 5

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I'm Jake and have been doing ABA since April 2014. I've come along leaps and bounds since I started ABA. I can now listen to basic instructions and I'm able to request.

Before I started ABA I was not able to communicate, I would often get frustrated as I was not able to form sentences, I could only able to label occasionally. Now I can ask basic requests such as "I want water", "Can I have red crisps", "Go see Nan and Grandad", I have also learned how to respond to a couple of questions such as "what's your name?", "How old are you"?

I still have a long way to go, but with just an average 10 hours a week of ABA I have made a lot of progress. I find the sessions with my ABA therapists fun with lots of play and like the toys that they bring with them to my sessions. 

Harry, 9

My name is Harry and I have been doing ABA since March 2010 I had no ways to communicate when I started with ABA and was often frustrated which lead to behaviours of self-harming and hitting others. 

My parents can see the progress I have made since starting ABA. My ABA is currently run every evening for 2 hours after school and weekend where possible. My self-harming has reduced and my behaviour towards others. I have a range of skills now both in an academic area and also functional and self-help skills. It has been hard work but I always enjoy my sessions and 1:1 time with my tutors. I have started now to imitate words similar to babbling noises which is the start of my speech. I would not be where I am if it was not for my ABA.

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Here is a video of Harry's ABA 3d to 2d matching session.  

If your interested in starting a home programme please email and we can arrange for you to come and visit the Saturday school or a home programme that's already running.  

Marianne, 35

Marianne has been working in the field of ABA and Autism for over 16 years starting work as an ABA tutor on home based ABA programmes whilst studying Psychology at University. She then decided that this was something she would like to do as a job and when she left University went on to work full-time with clients around the Midlands working with a range of Consultants from the USA, Norway and UK. Marianne has worked with clients of all ages and abilities consulting with over 60 children and adults with Autism.

She took the Treehouse co-operative course in ABA with developmental disorders in 2004 and sat the BCaBA exam in 2005.

Marianne worked as an independent ABA practitioner for 10 years and started the MSc ABA in Bangor in 2008 and sat the BCBA exam in 2010. Marianne started working with adults who may engage in challenging behaviour in 2007 working at the Hesley Group and joined Dimensions in


Marianne now works with a range of clients who engage in challenging behaviour adopting positive behaviour support and is leading Dimensions external provision of EIBI to children. Marianne is competent in delivering discrete-trial teaching, verbal behavior and functional behavior assessment for problem behaviours.

Her interests include; driving up quality and competence in ‘positive behaviour support’, increasing skills of front-line staff and increasing communication skills in children with Autism. Marianne has attended training courses in a variety of approaches including; PECS, TEACCH, TalkTools, Signalong, positive behavior support, ESDM & SCERTS. Marianne has supported many families through the statementing and SENDIST processes.


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Behaviour Change in France: An example of the application of Applied Behaviour Analysis to improve quality of life for persons with autism and their families in Limousin.
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