The links below can provide financial support for ABA programmes, respite, specialist equipment and assessment.  

Caudwell Children's Charity
Caudwell Children

At Caudwell Children, we do not believe in waiting lists and we treat families and their children as individuals, and we process all of our aplications within one month of receiving them.


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Family Fund Logo
Family Fund

We will look at any grant request that relates to the needs of a disabled or seriously ill child, young person and their family.

Families often apply for essential items such as washing machines, but we can also help young people aged 17 and under with grants that have particular meaning to their age group, such as equipment for college.

Due to our limited funding, we are not always able to meet the full cost of every item requested.  All our grants are discretionary and subject to available funding.


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Merlins Wand

We welcome applications on behalf of children aged 2-18 with a Serious illness/Long Term illness, disability* or disadvantage, who would benefit from a day out at a Merlin attraction.

Applications are now open for 2015. Merlin’s Magic Wand continues to help more and more children every year but our resources are not unlimited and due to a high demand for tickets we are currently only accepting applications from those families or children we have not previously supported/have not visited us before. We are sorry if this causes disappointment but our aim is to ensure that the maximum number of eligible children are able to enjoy a day out with us just as so many have already done. This will be under review and should the situation change we will advise you of this on our website.


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The Fred Foundation is built on the principle of allowing children with autism to reach their potential.
The Fred Foundation

Too many autistic children are being denied the one thing that would make the most profound difference to their lives and to the lives of their families – an individual specialised education programme. The Foundation was therefore set up to help fund education programmes for children with autism.


Funding is provided by the Fred Foundation to cover the cost of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) which requires one to one teaching and is considered one of the most useful tools in unlocking the minds of autistic children. It is vital that it is started as young as possible so the cost of this therapy often leaves families in financial crisis. Click here to apply for support or to make a donation

variety Charity
Variety Children's Charity

We’re here to help improve the care and ease the burden of looking after a child who is seriously ill or disabled.

We really do understand the emotional and financial strain it imposes on parents and carers.

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The Boporan Charitable Trust 

The Boparan Charitable Trust was set up with the sole purpose of helping as many children and young people across the nation who are disadvantaged either by poverty, disability or terminal illness.

As a charity we take great pride in taking the time to listen, understand and help families who are often forgotten about or neglected by the health and social systems.  We work at grass roots level and provide financial grants for key items to help create solutions for a better, happier life; however we believe our charity can grow and do so much more…

  • The Government have a target of eradicating child poverty – we fully support this and want to help more in deprived areas

  • Work with social services and professional bodies to provide outreach programmes for children with disabilities

  • Work with vulnerable children and young people to create a better future

  • Work with more hospitals and support workers to provide the best standard of care for sick children

  • Help make educational recreation more accessible to children in deprived communities.


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