Thank you Caudwell Children Charity


We as parents of Focus Liverpool would like to say a huge thank you to the funding provided to parents from Caudwell Children Charity for ABA.


Here are some parent statements, names have been removed due to confidentiallity


"The funding that Caudwell provide didn't just change my son's life but us as a whole family"


"Caudwell funding is all that many families able to get at the moment. I know personally I referred many families to Caudwell while their lives were crumbling down and they had no where to turn, ABA saved their lives, or marriage break ups"


"Before ABA, our son could not speak, go into shops, sit at a restaurant or go outside without running off. Thanks to Caudwell, he is now on his way to becoming a singer and actor. Perhaps one day he will even perform at your Butterfly Ball." 


"If it wasn't for ABA I don't know where I would be. It enabled me to feel in control of Autism, and that my son would achieve his potential. ABA has helped my son play, learn skills, speak, toilet train, eat a more varied diet, and so much more. If it wasn't for Caudwell Children Charity I wouldn't have been able to start an ABA programme. The 2 years I got funding enabled me to gather evidence and take my case to tribunal, it is now fully funded by the LEA. I will be forever grateful for the ABA funding I received for my son and am extremely sad that this may stop for other families"

Lancs, Joshua's mum


"The Caudwell funding has been essential in my sons ABA programme. Without it, there would have been no way of financing and getting a home programme started. It is essential that we don't stop now due to my sons progress, with a tribunal imminent we hope that we have enough evidence gathered from the data collected due to the Caudwell funding for the LEA to fully fund a full time ABA programme, this would no way be possible without the Caudwell funding, thank you for supporting ABA and believing in my son when no one else did!"

Hayley Hammond, Liverpool 



"I don't know where we would be without ABA, it has enabled us to get Coco's (and our) life back on track. She has started talking again, eating again, sleeping again and we have started living again. The funding from Caudwell is a massive boost to our ABA funding, as every penny we spend on ABA we have had to fundraise for."




 "It has just come up to our 12 month anniversary of doing aba for my 4 year old son  and is a perfect time to reflect how much he has changed. We started aba with the wonderful help of Caudwell when my son was 3. He was pre verbal, with lots of aggression, meltdowns, and would only eat sausage and chips, sensory issues, anxiety and still in nappies. My 6 year old was stuck at home most weekends as I darent take her brother out as i could not cope with his behaviours, I was actually scared of him. A  year on we as a family are extremely grateful, we are now able to go out as a family he can sit still for a meal and behaviours have minimised drastically. We have as part of his aba programme increased the type of foods he eats, he is able to tolerate a hair cut without lashing out, he is now talking in 3-4 word sentences and glad to say he is now out of nappies!!. My son has completely come out of his shell, he is the most amazing joyful little boy to be around, he is happy and learning and has a great relationship with his sister, this is just a few examples of how well aba has worked. This is all thanks to Caudwell as without their funding I could not have afforded to start an aba programme. The funding that Caudwell provide didn't just change my sons life but us as a whole family. I would hate for this to stop not just for my benefit but for so many other families who will be denied this beautuiful opportunity to help their child be independent and contribute to our society one day. It's so important this continues, Caudwell should not underestimate how much this means to us all."




"This is the only source of funding available to Scottish families! "



"Same in Northern Ireland!"



"Today we just applied for ABA funding for my 23 month old son to start ABA therapy . Hoping he will have independent successful life. Don't know if caudwell stop funding for ABA therapy how can we start. "




"ABA was the pinnacle thing that kick-started my son's language & communication skills - I do not know where we would have been without this intervention in the early days. It's evidence-based approach gave us more of an idea where his challenges lay, which gave us the opportunity for high-volume and relevant early intervention. His amazing progress today is testament to ABA in the early days. As a mum, without it, there is no doubt that I would have 'gone under' with the stress and upset of following a less effective path. Please Caudwell - do not take this away for the sake of the children "

NW England




"When my son was diagnosed with autism he was 22 months, it was a huge battle to get him referred to be assessed and then another battle to get him diagnosed, the NHS wanted to wait till after he had turned 3!! I was not having that as all the studies highlighted the fact that early intervention is key.


Prior to his diagnosis I was already researching the interventions available for children with autism and the only therapy that I felt had any credible results was Aba therapy. It is a scientific approach with huge amount of research backing. 


When I looked into the costs to run a programme I literally cried because it was beyond my means, however I couldn't give up and I pushed on fund raising applying to charities like yourself and that is what has enabled my son to have a home Aba programme. It has worked out a little cheaper by hiring a consultant and tutors independently, however the help from Caudwell Children has had a huge impact on the programme and the length of time I could realistically run it for, I  am so grateful words cannot express, my son is improving in areas like interaction, awareness, eye contact , vocalisations, playskills...


It's been battle after battle and the only thing that keeps me fighting is my beautiful baby boy who deserves a chance at an independent life , not to be left to just sink deeper into his own world, With intensive early intervention our children  have a chance to lead independant lives and at the very least progress to reach their potential.


Caudwell children are amazing people for what they are doing , I cannot thank them enough and will always be grateful for the support they provided.

Thank you so so much"




"I dont know anything about this all i know is that they fund and help families with the cost of ABA 

So what i would like to tell them is 

They are welcome to come to my house and meet my 26 month old son who 4-5 months ago had nothing and couldnt do a thing couldnt even ask for a drink 

He actually strings sentences has vocab more than his piers and has gained so much even though he has a long way and still behind in alot of areas especially social 


So to stop people getting these services and kidsgetting the help they need is a shame really 

Im really really sad 

No one can actually understand the pain and heartache mothers/ parents of special needs kids 

Massive shame"




"Aba via Cauldwell funding enabled my sons aggressive behaviour to diminish within a week which had otherwise not been possible for the previous 2 years."





"Without the help of Caudwell funding we would never have been able to start our sons ABA programme. He was diagnosed with severe autism at the age of 3 and basically written off due to the poor services available in our area. The only support he was offered was a speech and language assessment once a year, that left us with a long to do list, but with no actual way to reach him to be able to achieve these things. ABA has not only helped our son gain so many vital skills, including how to talk, but it has also given his family hope that one day he could live life independently. To lose the support from Caudwell with help towards ABA programmes will be totally devastating for many children and their families."




"I'm so sad and disappointed hearing that ABA fund is going to be stopped. I'm a lone mum And been rewarded by caudwell And have started an ABA programme for my 5 year old daughter hopping she can have a fulfill life."




"ABA provision funded by Caudwell,has been fundamental  to my son's behavioural and academic progress.  The programme funded by the grant, enabled my son to manage being overwhelmed in public instead eloping every time we went out anywhere or melting down and supported his ability to focus and concentrate enough to be able to attend to learning to read and write, which meant that, when he was excluded from all but two hours of his school day due to inadequate provision in his EHC plan, he was sufficiently ahead academically to keep up with and surpass the curriculum levels.  Like other families, we rely on Caudwell to fund our ABA programme to instil what i consider to be essential survival skills for my son's future."





"We are so grateful for the support we have received in the past from Caudwell Children. You are a fantastic, forward thinking charity that is actually making a difference to the families and individuals you represent, particularly with regards to autism. This is why it saddens me to hear you are considering stopping the funding you give to families to help pay for vital ABA therapy. ABA was the only effective method that had an impact on our son's speech. It also gave us the ability to engage with him and teach him. ABA is largely misunderstood, and I hope this decision to stop is not due to pressure from those who might be uninformed or misrepresent the ABA approach. It's basic principles are to teach vital skills by rewarding and reinforcing 'positive' behaviour. For the life of me, I can't understand what is so bad about that. ABA changed our lives and the only way we could afford it was through your funding and fundraising. There will be many families who are dependent on this funding to be able to access ABA. ABA should not just be for the privileged few, it should be accessible to all, and it was due to your charity that this was possible. I sincerely hope you will reconsider this decision. I no longer have any vested interest in this, we stopped my son's programme after 5 years, as through ABA he was given the skills he needed to learn and develop on his own. However would hate to see other families not being given the opportunity to have the same breakthough with their child, as we did with ours. Please reconsider. If you do this, there is nowhere else these families can turn to for support. Many thanks"



"This is a scary thought! Caudwell funding enabled our son to get a home ABA program. With out their help we just couldn't afford it. ABA has changed our lives and help teach my son functional skills that he lacked, it has helped with every aspect of my sons life. My son was diagnosed at aged 2 1/2 with ASD and having severe learning disabilities. we had no help, there was no services to help my son learn, or to help us as a family to cope with the day to day challenges of caring for a child on the spectrum. (We live in Northern Ireland)

We discovered ABA when my son was 3 years old, within 6 months of receiving ABA the changes in our son and our lives was unbelievable. He still receives ABA and as he grows his programs are tailored to help him with new challenges that arise. I dread to think what our lives would be like if we didn't discover ABA and didn't have caudwell there to help fund it ."

Northern Ireland 



"This funding has been vital to my son as ABA is not approved here in NI and i simply could not afford to go privately, i can safely say that this funding has empowered me and my family with vital skills and my 13 yr old son has improved beyond all my expectations.  Please reconsider as this is the lifeline that is moving us forward and helping my son to reach his full potential"

N Ireland 



"I have recently sent in an online application for an ABA grant from Caudwell Children. I am banking on it to help with provision for my 5 year old with autism."

N Ireland



"My child has benefited greatly from Caudwell funding for ABA, learning valuable skills that improve his quality of life. We would not have been able to start ABA without this funding. Please don't stop giving it to needy families."

N Ireland 


"We get Caudwell funding. Wouldn't manage without it so that's very worrying news to read. ABA helps children of all ages, regardless of ability. I don't believe PACT does, which would leave many out of reach for help. 




ABA has only been possible for our son, purely thanks to Caudwell funding. ABA has given him an individualised learning programme, keeping him up to the level of his peers in mainstream, where his siblings are. He's included and happy. Without ABA, the story may be different."

Aberdeen, Scotland 



"A grant enabled my child to receive ABA which has massively increased his learning ability which has ensured that he has now caught up academically with his Year 2 peers."




"I am in my 5-6th yr of caudwell and we have an application waiting for decision. Noone mentioned to me anything about stopping funding andi have emailed people at caudwell and spoken on the phone. I know they stopped doing nutritional therapy and ABA together._  i was getting double) however I opted fir ABA my feelings on biomed have changed over yrs and frankly I think for him it was huge waste of time and money. I wish i had only focused on ABA and started when he was 2 insted of getting mixed up with biomed.

I will let you know the outcome of the application"




"When my son was diagnosed i had already had to give up work due to the challenges autism brings. Our family help us as much as they can but caudwell funding pays for our bcba and i dont think we could carry on without it. Zach is becoming a very social little boy with growing play skills and communication due to aba. Please do not stop this funding its invaluable, we get no help at all as it is "




"Caudwell has funded my son's aba for the past two years and we are getting to needing to apply again over son is now speaking after 7 years and has learnt so much with his aba therapy and caudwell has made this happen they are one of the very few charity's that fund it so here's hoping they carry on its been a lifeline for us and our son"





"I am really saddened by this news. We don't personally qualify for Caudwell help, but know many families that do. For us, ABA has been life-changing and an overwhelmingly positive addition to our family lives. Speaking from personal experience, many professionals do not have the time, or resources to evaluate ASD children properly and as thoroughly as ABA does, so families are left with well meaning, but generic advice that has very few follow-up procedures. An awful lot of this advice, although well meant, is about managing the environment round the child to avoid triggers which obviously only works sporadically and successes are short-lived. ABA is the only therapy I have come across that actually helps the child manage themselves, learn new skills and has aspirational expectations of them. The one downside to ABA is the cost of running a programme, so I am genuinely worried for lower-income families who could find themselves priced out of ABA without Caudwell funding. This news will be heartbreaking for many families who are already living with the difficulties Autism can bring along for the ride. I sincerely hope Caudwell reconsider."

Leo's mum, Bury, Greater Manchester


"Caudwell was a life line for me- when I was self funding for 4 years before winning tribunal they helped me continue and without them I don't know if I would be in this amazing position now- they are an amazing charity. "





"Dear Caudwell,


I would like to thank you so much for funding my son's ABA program. Back in 2009, we had nowhere to turn. We had heard of a program which could help my son to speak and improve his quality of life but we did not have the funds to be able to access this 'what I know now' was a life changing program.


Funding from Caudwell enabled us to begin the program and then later access funding from our LEA because of this.


Before ABA, our son could not speak, go into shops, sit at a restaurant or go outside without running off.


Thanks to Caudwell, he is now on his way to becoming a singer and actor. Perhaps oneday he will even perform at your Butterfly Ball. None of this would have been possible without your kind and generous support.


ABA has changed the life path of our son and the rest of our family.


Thank you so much again


Kindest Regards





"Oh no ABA has been the best intervention for my son and we have tried a lot! Just applied to Caldwell mid December and not heard anything back yet, i truly hope they don't stop it as so many kids will suffer."




"ABA helped Daniel enormously his concentration, understand and willing to learn increased a lot, writing reading, ABA gave to Daniel confident it us very important for Daniel learning goal not only for my son make life less stress I do not what to say i will be heart broken if Caudwell stop funding this is the only therapy helped Daniel with in short of period of time very sad"



"With the funding of Cauldwell I have found my 2 boys with Autism and 1 with significant behaviour disability and other with severe complex needs to find the specialist support that gave them life skills to learn and adapt to everyday situations. 

It gave my children to understand and be able to behave and communicate appropriately.

Without Cauldwell funding I believe as a parent I would not have been able to cope without the support of tutors and consultant and all this is possible becsuse of the great work funding and support delivered by Cauldwell. 

The support and funding not only helps the children to learn but helps the whole family to learn along with children's and tutors. 

Without the support myself as a parent would have been in a lost isolated deprived world with my children. Please continue to support us we need you.

Thank you "





"My son is non verbal until he is 3. After the ABA program he started to talk ."





"We also receive ABA funding from Caudwell and I have had my 4th funding recently. It covers consultant costs and she would charge us for her travel costs £170 a day plus £40-£45 hotel costs. The rest is covered by LA.

I just think it will be very hard for families who spend £400 -£700 a month just for consultancy costs without Caudwell funding. 


So our message to Caudwell is: Without Caudwell funding our life would have been very difficult as when Caudwell funding run out at first I have had to stop ABA therapy for 10 months and my son regressed, he started having behavioural problems and forgot some of the skills we taught him. It's just life changing for us where we feel we can enjoy life as much as everyone else when my son knows how to wait, how to communicate without screaming and biting his hands until they bleed. Caudwell funding is all that many families able to get at the moment. I know personally I referred many families to Caudwell while their lives were crumbling down and they had no where to turn, ABA saved their lives, or marriage break ups. If necessary we can help Caudwell to fundraise but please don't stop the funding it's more important than sensory equipment or any PACT therapy that they are willling to fund."





"I am really upset to hear that you may be stopping funding for ABA, as I have just this week applied for this for my son George. George is getting help from no one! He is only allowed to attend school for one hour per day, has been refused physio and occ therapy on NHS and is not being offered any speech therapy by NHS, just continual assessments. I am constantly being told that early intervention is the key but it seems no one will help him. I took a job to try and save up for ABA for George, however, I am on a 0 hour contract and it's not going great. Funding for ABA was my last hope, I really hope the decision to continue funding ABA is made, and children like my son George can get some help. "





"ABA is extremely vital for most autistic kids. Our daughter has severe behaviour problem and ABA has helped it. schools can never ever teach the missing elements that ABA teaches"





"I usually get funding for Biomedical, sensory toys and ABA therapy for my twins .

Although £2000 isn't a massive amount in ABA terms , but it still makes some difference when you have 2 autistic children like I do. 

I can't say how much of a relief Caudwell funds was to my family . I even recommended them to many of my friends with autistic kids. This is very sad news for all of us"




"We are fairly new to ABA, but in the 9 weeks since we started a taster at Focus cohort 4, we have seen a difference in our child. He is able to sit in a circle with other children for longer than his initial 30 seconds. The biggest difference is that he will now share and take turns.  We were hoping to start ABA at home shortly but this was very much  dependant on us receiving help from Caudwell. I hate to think of how we will be able to proceed without the grant if it became unavailable. I hope Caudwell make the right choice for our children."




"I received one lot of ABA funding from Caudwell for my son and really hoped to reapply, gutted if they cut it. I'm in East Yorkshire."

East Yorkshire



"I've had funding for 2 yrs now for the aba and couldn't afford it without cauldwell. I even went on radio derby with them as a parent receiving funding to promote aba !!"





"Oh no really Caudwell have help fund my sons aba and without it we'd struggle it's helped him massively he now communicates using pecs he's got loads of skills he's toilet trained I hope there's a petition I'd happily sign it"

South Yorkshire



"We are about to apply  for caudwell funding . We will be devastated if the only available route to ABA funding is closed to is. We will not be going with PACT we have had enough of our time and daughters future wasted already :("





"Luckily we have just received a grant for the next 12 months for ABA. This is our 5th grant from Caudwell Children for ABA. 


I cannot express how desperately we rely on their financial assistance with this. Dylans dad manages the day to day programme without tutor support so that all the grant goes towards consultant costs. Although I have a relatively well paid job (in the NHS) due to Dylan's ABA programme we are in essence a single income family and with 2 other children we simply could not afford to fund Dylan's consultant costs alone.


To lose Caudwell support with ABA set ups and ongoing costs would be detrimental to so many needy children.


I write a blog which outlines many many ways that ABA has helped Dylan if any of this could be used to support as an example, please share and use if useful."

Kate Jackson, Hertfordshire 




"Hello,  we are in need of aba for my twin boys age 7.  We have just done a focus south yorkshire saturday school,  and to be honest didnt have any expections from aba.


My twins have no concentration,  non verbal with complex needs,  needs constant 1 to 1,  and have never took anything in before.


In 12 weeks of doing 3 hours on a saturday both boys are signing for food,  and drink,  sweet and orange without mands.


We are due to start a home school programme at the end of jan and without the support financially,  we wouldnt beable to give them this opportunity. Sorry I know you only wanted a few words".





"We only started ABA in the last few months, thanks to a Caudwell Grant (it was in no way affordable without).  We had worked with children with ASD extensively over the years and couldn't help our son yet within a few months our son has gone from completely non verbal to being able to request for items verbally and umprompted - ABA was the reason why - our own interventions were fruitless "

Maidstone, Kent



"Had funding for 3 years without it wouldnt be able to have consultant and quality programme my son is homeschooled now using aba this funding is vital for us as our son regressed at spec school hes made more progress with aba "

Bolton, Lancs



"ABA has really changed my daughter. The progress I have seen is amazing. She now eats solid food reguarly, uses vocalisation for requests!"





"My sons been having ABA for the last 3 & 1/2 years, it's given him so many skills. As a single parent I can't afford to fund ABA through the school holidays (it's funded by the la during term time) & rely on the help of Caudwell."





"ABA has changed my son's life. It has given him many skills that have enabled him to live a rich, varied and happy life. We had to remortgage in order to start ABA as my local authority do not provide it and fought us all the way to tribunal. I see so many similar children to mine having much worse outcomes and families that reach crisis point because they get poor LA provision. Please don't pull the plug on ABA funding, it is a lifeline."




"Oh no really Caudwell have help fund my sons aba and without it we'd struggle it's helped him massively he now communicates using pecs he's got loads of skills he's toilet trained I hope there's a petition I'd happily sign it"

South Yorkshire 



"My child got fund for ABA tutor and he Change I lot with out fund he will not be where he is at the moment thanks for your help please consider not to stop"




"ABA is very helpful to my son.My son had behavioral issues and through ABA that behaviour has reduced.My financial situation cannot permit me fund ABA for my son.Without the aid of ABA his behaviour will worsen and that is detrimental to him,the family and the community as a whole.Among other things ABA has enabled my son's communication and writing skills to improve."



"Wanted to send a message regarding Caudwell stopping ABA funding. I am the carer/PA for an 11-year old with autism, severe learning disability, ADHD, non-verbal & challenging behaviour . I have been his carer for nearly 8 years and met him a few months before he started at his special school aged 4.5. The school is considered outstanding by ofsted and using eclectic approaches including TEACCH and mixes children in classes based broadly on age and ability but not on disability. They do not want autism specific classes as they feel the children learn from each other. He spent 5 years at that school and remained not only non- verbal but without any functional communication, he was still in nappies aged 9 and his challenging behaviour including both self injurious (which didn't exist prior to school) and aggression towards others were worse - more frequent, more triggers etc. Having studied ABA at university I knew it was something that could help him and I knew that something drastic had to change as his behaviours had only got worse at this school. I thought he would soon be deemed uncontrollable and be in a residential school. I was convinced that ABA would work and was willing to be his tutor but I was not qualified for setting up and monitoring a programme and it would be my first tutoring role, also his parents did not know anything about ABA. This is where Caudwell was the answer. It meant that we could fund an ABA Consultant. Without the funding, and therefore the consultant, the ABA programme would not have been possible. While I knew the child very well and knew the basics of ABA it was all new to me and therefore I needed the guidance of a consultant but the family could not have funded this on their own. His ABA programme was literally life changing. In just over 18 months he was toilet trained, de sensitised to personal care (previously hair cuts and nail cuts were impossible and had to be done in small bits when asleep now he attends a regular, but patient, hairdresser and has his nails cut regularly at home), he learnt (from nothing) 50 Makaton signs and could use them spontaneously to make requests. His challenging behaviour has reduced and when it does occur there is usually a major setting event such as tiredness, unwell whereas previously triggers were very minor and therefore affected his whole life. He also made academic progress. Due to his home ABA programme we were able to prove that he needed ABA and tribunal changed his placement from the council preferred school he'd previously attended to one that uses ABA. Without Caudwell his home programme would not have been possible and without the proof his home programme provided of his progress and his real abilities when taught appropriately he would not have gained a place in an appropriate school. He would have to attend an inappropriate school, possibly a residential one causing him to be separated from his family. I really cannot stress enough how much ABA has helped this child and how Caudwell enabled that to happen. Often ABA is said to be for young children and while early intervention is best it doesn't mean it's too late for older children and this child would not have been given that chance without Caudwell funding ABA. His previous school and some professionals use his autism as an excuse and his lack of progress and increasing challenging behaviour were viewed as an inevitable part of his autism. Luckily ABA has proven that is not that case, that he can achieve and learn and it's given him a real chance. He still has lots of struggles but we now have real coping strategies and ways to teach him."




"My child has benefited greatly from Caudwell funding for ABA, its early days, having only started in September but already we have seen a huge improvement in her development of valuable skills that improve her quality of life. We would not have been able to start ABA without this funding and feel it would have a detrimental effect on many families if the funding was stopped. "




"Caudwell give £2000 every year. It's really helpful and without their support we couldn't have managed ABA programme.

After Aba started Anish our 4 year old started to say words. It really helped to improve his communication and social interaction.  His behaviour has much improved after doing Aba."



Thank you again Caudwell Children Charity


Click here to see the results of data showing great results for 3 Caudwell funded families: Wakefield, Teeside, Leicestershire. Via BCBA Marianne Wooldridge